Organic Spring Onion Seeds - White Lisbon Organic Spring Onion Seeds - White Lisbon
Cropping: Harvest from May to October
Position: Full Sun
Description: The traditional and most popular Spring Onion for successional sowings. Long, white stems and bright green tops, and slow to bulb. Delicious when young or a more pungent flavour as bulbs swell. Mild flavoured when young, but more pungent when older. Easy to grow.

Sowing Instructions: Sow from March to August, successionally every 3 weeks. Sow thinly/ in either narrow or broad drills, 12mm (½in) deep, allowing 23cm (9in) between drills. No thinning is necessary. Sow regularly throughout the season from late winter, at 3 week intervals. Prefers rich, moist, fertile soil in a sunny, open situation.

Growing Instructions: Keep well watered during spells of dry weather. Stands well for long periods if kept well watered.

Aftercare Instructions: Fruits can be stored for up to 6 months.

Price: 1.69